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Contracts and Notary Public

We can prepare the necessary contracts/ agreements to make sure that your business and personal transactions will run smoothly free from unnoticed legal problems.

Real Property Law

Assists in Land ownership and transfer in the Philippines. Land disputes, sale, donations, and settlement of estates involving Filipino citizen. Foreign property ownership and rights.

Family, Mediation, & Special Proceedings

Assists in Legal change of name, status, and Birth/ Marriage Certificate corrections or cancellations. Marriage dissolution and adoption in the Philippines. Assists in Settlements out of Court.

Business, Labor &CommercialLaw

Assists in the establishment of businesses in the Philippines, including the rights related to it. Assists both employers and employees in their litigations.

Contract Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration vs. Legal Suits in the Philippines

In movies and TV series, law suit is shown as something easy and fast. In reality, legal cases in the Philippines take a long time to finish due to numerous cases filed in court and the courts cannot keep up with it. The Philippine Judiciary keeps on coming up with new systems to hasten the court proceedings which significantly hasten the system.

One system included by the Supreme Court is the mediation, negotiation, and out-of-court settlements by parties. The parties can settle the disputes without having to go to court. This can be done in commercial arbitrations, labor settlement, and other means to hasten a decision.

Practice Areas in the Philippines:

Non-litigation & Litigation in the Philippines

Commercial and Business Law

Involves the creation, dissolution, functions of corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorship. Business trades, sales, and permits.

Civil and Family Law

Contracts and obligations of individuals. Property ownership, inheritance & succession. Marriage rights, custody, and support.


Taxation in the Philippines, including income taxes, capital gains taxes and other taxes for land ownership and transfer.

Criminal Law

Litigation of crimes committed in the Philippines, including out-of-court settlements for cases subject to mediation.

Constitutional Law & International Law

Disputes involving international laws, politics, and the constitution

Labor & Social Law

Laws for the protection of the laborers, and the marginalized sectors.