First Party and Second Party will separately market products and/or services often used for complementary or related purposes. The Parties wish to cooperate in the marketing of their products in the mutual interest. In some cases, “unified” companies merge two brand names. This means that the two brands appear together in each advertisement. For example, as part of an agreement with an entertainment company, a fast food chain may promote both brands in retail stores and on meal packaging. Some products sold exclusively in a discount store show the company`s brand in advertising. The goal is to combine the two brands in the consumer`s head. Joint marketing agreements are legal relationships between companies. The legal agreement sets out the responsibilities of each company.

In order to protect the interests of each company, the agreement also defines the benefits that each will receive. For example, your company may agree to sell another`s products for 10 percent of profits. The agreement should define this point in order to avoid possible differences of opinion. As you are in a partnership, the agreement should also indicate how the other company intends to make its products available. The details and complexity of a CMA depend on the depth and width of the layout. For example, is it a single cooperation or an ongoing relationship? As a rule, the CMA is a full-fledged agreement, which lists the terms of the partnership. It should lay down the duration of the partnership and the procedures for a party to terminate the agreement. Exclusivity is also a consideration, including possible exceptions to exclusivity. The agreement should specify the power of each party to promote the products of the other party and whether there are restrictions on that power. Describe a management and governance structure in order to be able to follow appropriate procedures for smooth cooperation.

C. Provide extensive information on product development, new products or modifications to existing products marketed jointly in accordance with this Agreement. If you enter into a joint marketing agreement with other companies, an agreement can help avoid misunderstandings and protect your interests by providing specific conditions. This type of cooperation is most common for companies that share a target group. A co-marketing agreement is appropriate if: B. Where appropriate, include the other party`s product literature in individual direct mail or other direct marketing and in the case of product shipments. 2. If you want to adopt this high-risk strategy, you should first look at the reputation and credit quality of the proposed joint distributor to ensure that they are a worthy marketing partner. This joint marketing agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into by and between Pharmacy Management Strategies, LLC (“PMS”), a limited liability company [ENTER STATE OF ORGANIZATION], based in [ENTER PMS`s OFFICE ADDRESS], and Single Touch Interactive Inc., a Nevada corporation, with an office at the Newport Corporate Center, 100 Town Square, Jersey City. NJ, 07310 (the TSI) (PMS and ITS) are sometimes referred to collectively as the “parties” or “parties” individually), effective March 14, 2012 (the “Effective Date”).

As part of the joint marketing of the product lines, the parties agree to the following reciprocal obligations: both parties agree to freely share all marketing data generated as a result of the activities described in this marketing agreement, including leads and campaign performance measures generated (but not limited to). . . .

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