24. When such machinery and installations are lost or completely destroyed or damaged as a result of fires, floods or earthquakes or for any other reason, the lessee must make good the damage suffered by the company, the loss corresponding to the market price of the machinery and equipment existing at the time or to the purchase price indicated in clause (3). according to the largest amount, provided that the amount of the insurance entitlement received is, where appropriate, adjusted in relation to that price. A tempe purchase agreement is, in a way, similar to that of home rental transactions, which give the buyer a fair chance to buy the item whenever it is feasible, while the contract is in effect. Similarly, buying rent provides an advantage to the buyer by providing fewer credits, by re-buying the costs of expensive items that he would not otherwise have been able to afford for a certain period of time. However, the buyer does not have the right to own the item unless he has paid the full amount of the item, which means that this has no connection with the extension of the credit. The tenant needs the written agreement of the owner to remove the goods from the address indicated by the tenant in the contract. The owner is free to grant or not grant such consent. 11. The tenant proposes to.. and agrees and undertakes not to collect them at any other location without the prior written consent of the company. The lessee shall not remove the license plates attached to the machine for the purpose of identifying the ownership of the company during the term of this contract.

Is it imperative to register the sales contract? 22. The tenant also has the right to terminate this contract at any time by announcing it to the company no less than fourteen days in advance for this purpose, but in this case the tenant is required to pay the company the sums paid for the rental costs, have not been paid and the amount of the rental fees, the agreed amount must be paid for the period between the date of termination and the agreed amount. The term of this Agreement shall be deemed to be compensation for the damage suffered by the Company, subject to the provisions of S. 10(2) of the Hire Purchase Act. If the tenant (buyer) who wants to buy the goods but does not have enough money for the purchase, lends the amount to the third party and overestimates it to the seller, the transaction between the buyer and the lender is treated as a loan transaction. This does not change the nature of the transaction if the lender is the owner of the goods itself and the buyer promises to pay the balance in return for the delivery of the goods. In each rental contract it is necessary to indicate the following: in addition to the aforementioned obligations, the tenant may be granted the right to terminate the contract by handing over the goods in good condition to the owner at any time, after paying a penalty for this. The basic principle that facilitates this is that the fixed rate becomes the rent (rent) until the full payments are paid as part of the contract.

Once the period between the tenant (buyer) is fixed, he can pay a nominal amount to become the owner of the goods. You can be a landlord or a tenant, it is advisable to get the right legal documentation to avoid trouble in the future. LegalDesk.com offers a unique and convenient legal documentation service that takes into account your individual needs. We also have a number of professionally designed documents that can be tailored to all your legal needs. Vote LegalDesk.com today. 19. This Agreement shall be deemed to have commenced from the date of this Agreement and shall remain valid for a period of. years from the date of this Agreement, which has ended until the date of . and (unless the tenant exercises the purchase option provided for below) at the expiry of the aforementioned period or the previous cessation thereof, as provided below, the tenant must return, in perfect working order, at his own expense at the place of activity of the company or on the instruction of the company, the aforementioned machinery and equipment, provided that the tenant remains obliged to pay the rental costs, until these machines and installations are actually delivered to the company or taken over by it. .

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