An Energex delivery contract is a prerequisite for waterproofing plans. We specialize in the construction and documentation necessary to obtain a delivery contract for your development. Each evolution is different and we advise you on the specific requirements of your development. If the development requires an on-site transformer, we provide for the delivery of Energex the necessary construction and documentation that Energex needs. ENERGEX is one of Australia`s largest and most dynamic companies, employing over 3900 people and working in a variety of roles to provide electricity to a population of around 2.8 million people in south-east Queensland. In the 2008/2009 fiscal year, ENERGEX is investing approximately $830 million in the modernization of its electricity grid, while an additional $340 million is being spent on the maintenance and operation of the grid. That`s a total average of more than $3 million per day. Noja Power has been awarded a multi-million dollar contract to supply one of Australia`s leading power distribution equipment to improve grid security. Energex – Power supply for small lots (4 small gardens and less) ENERGEX has 335 rural feeders who provide more than 340,000 customers with a total installed electrical load of nearly 14,000 km. Of these feeders, about 224 have installed at least one ACR or Sectionaliser. Your Council Development Approval (DA) decision notice generally states that a sub-divider must prove an agreement with an electricity supplier in order to make the power supply available for each allocation within the subdivision. All new connections require Energex or Ergon for power. Each evolution is different and we advise you on the specific requirements of your development.

As part of the five-year ENERGEX network upgrade program, NOJA Power was tasked with providing the requirements for the assembled pol reclosers, which are mainly installed throughout the rural energex network in order to improve the integrity and reliability of the distribution network. The new readers are all remotely controlled via the DNP3 communication protocol, as well as a Spectrum spread frequency radio frequency system to integrate it into the DSS. In some cases, power may already be available. However, you should ask an accredited Energex electrical engineering consultant to review the power supply agreement and determine if a power supply is available. The highly competitive international tender was launched at NOJA Power to provide mature drives that help ENERGEX improve network security as part of its five-year network upgrade program, worth more than $4 billion. As a leading Australian company, ENERGEX aims to improve its rural reliability by installing the NOJA automatic power circuit locker on the 11-KV network to limit the number of customers who are interrupted in the event of a disruption. We are able to help with large customer connections and the design of power supply systems and explain the process that applies to your specific needs. As each project is very different, the best way to contact us would be to discuss your needs. The design and documentation of the electrical infrastructure planned to support the subdivision must first be completed by a licensed electrical engineering consultant such as Cavill and Associates. The plans will then have to be approved by the municipal council and then by Energex or Ergon.

Each of these entities has its own high standards, which we are familiar with, and we can take care of them every step of the way. The client`s surveyor must set all boundaries before construction and after construction in order to prove the accuracy of the installation of the installation. Our design drawings are regularly audited by Energex to verify continued compliance with Energex design standards. . . .

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