Yes, all ContractStore templates are in MS Word and you can use the contract for more than one project. For more information, check out the video on this page of our website or check out our FAQs This agreement is binding on the parties and their successors and the beneficiaries of the assignment. Who can use this consultant appointment? Any company or organization that wishes to entrust services to an independent consultant or an independent person. What is the purpose of an appointment letter? It sets the conditions. A manufacturer or company that wishes to subcontract the marketing of its products in an overseas country to a sales representative or representative established in the country. 5. Inform the sales manager if the sales representative represents or plans to represent another company. In any event, the distributor may not represent a competitive undertaking or product line within or outside the designated distribution area. 5. Grant Representative 30 days in advance if the company wishes to terminate this agreement.

This sales representation agreement is intended for use by a manufacturer or supplier in one country who wishes to appoint a representative as a sales agent in another country. The agreement is unusual in that, instead of the agent/representative who receives a sales commission, the agreement provides that the contracting entity contributes to the costs of promoting the sale and that a special account is established at the end of each year in respect of the activities covered by the agreement and that the profits are allocated in predetermined shares between the client and the agent. This clause sets the start date and the initial duration set. Each party has the right to terminate with a period, first at the end of the first year, then with a period of 3 months or a period agreed between the parties. Unless terminated, the agreement continues from year to year. This clause gives the representative the right to be considered for the role of local agent if the client decides to settle in the territory, but does not oblige the client to appoint the representative. It should also be noted that, in some countries, caution should be exercised when registering agency and representation agreements, as termination may involve the payment of compensation by a client. Rates. These commissions are unlikely to be significant.

Instead, a regular fee is levied in return for the distribution of information. . . .

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