These schedules are not normal. The region is affected by both the coronavirus epidemic and the worst refugee crisis of all time. The ancient civilizations of Syria and Iraq are struggling to recover from two decades of war, and now that Beirut, once a proud economic capital, is in ruins, few expected Israel and the United Arab Emirates to accept peace. “I am confident that soon more Arab countries will enter the circle of peace,” he said. In addition to the bilateral agreements signed by Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, all three signed a document called the “Abraham Agreement” according to the patriarch of the world`s three major monotheistic religions. The agreement was a major political turnaround for Mr. Netanyahu, who has long insisted on expanding settlements in the occupied West Bank in an effort to annex the territory. Mr. Netanyahu was under political pressure to be flexible, as three new elections gave him only a majority in a coalition government and he was prosecuted in 2021. In 2019, the Trump administration reversed decades of U.S. policy by declaring that West Bank settlements were not contrary to international law, a decision that threatened the two-state solution, long seen as the key to a lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians. The Trump administration`s Middle East policy, developed by Jared Kushner, the president`s top adviser, and published in January 2020, endorsed Mr.

Netanyahu`s plan to reintegate existing settlements. After Yousef Al Otaiba, the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates, wrote a statement in June 2020 in which he warned that the annexation would threaten better relations between Israel and the Arab world, Kushner saw an opportunity and intervened to facilitate the talks. After the negotiators agreed, Mr. Trump, Netanyahu and Abu Dhabi`s crown prince, Mohammed bin Zayed, held a conference call just before an official announcement. [21] [9] [27] [28] [29] Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman received Mr. Netanyahu in 2018 for a state visit that Mr. Cohen made, although the two nations have no diplomatic relations, and Bahrain`s tiny island empire hosted a White House-chaired conference last year on Trump`s plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace. In accordance with Article 5 of the Comprehensive Peace, Diplomatic and Normalization Treaty between the United Arab Emirates and the State of Israel, the contracting parties enter into bilateral agreements in areas of mutual interest for which they have agreed to the following provisions. These provisions are attached to the treaty and are included in them. Gantz thanked Trump, Netanyahu and Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan for the peace deal and said he was showing an alliance among Middle Eastern nations that wanted stability and mutual cooperation.

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