Is a law legally binding? The general rule: look at the language of the ACT to determine whether the parties intend to be related to all or part of the ACT. Most of the litigation over the applicability of LVI is due to the fact that the parties did not clearly reflect their intention as to their applicability. This is particularly the case where the LOI contains the essential provisions of a proposed transaction and there is no clear expression of the parties` contrary intent. But in the context of the hotel management agreement, the LOI is useful and worthwhile, precisely because it can conclude the negotiation of the essential terms of the agreement before the start of laborious and often lengthy negotiations – especially between lawyers – on the text of the final agreements. In the international context, the “administrative agreement” may consist of five or more separate agreements. It is almost always more effective to determine whether there is first a meeting of minds on the material (“key”) notions of business. In the letter-of-action phase, experience counts. We have over 30 years of international hospitality and legal experience in collaboration with lenders, owners, developers, brands and independent management companies. Our experience is based on over $87 billion in international hotel transactions with more than 3,900 hotel properties worldwide – an experience you can enjoy, no matter where you are. – in the administration after the signing of the contract of the technology service phase, after the progress of the project contract, to help the owners, to improve the mode of service, to develop the technical services, the internal regulation of the proposed technical service meeting, to participate in the major conference of the technical service, fixed and standard service results, until the coordination of the transfer of the wine shop; We can use our international hotel know-how to work with the owners, to develop the best approach and the best game plan, to define and achieve their goals for hotel projects. With our international hotel experience, the important points will not be missed before the window closes.

We provide guidance on market conditions for hotels and offer both proven solutions and innovative approaches to hospitality. At this point, the brand and the owner negotiate and enter into a non-binding letter of intent. The statement of intent makes this clear – the terms of the letter are nothing more than a statement of good faith of the desire to move forward and discuss the details.

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