However, the rule in New York is not as clear if both agreements are not fully compliant with the registered main contract. In the situation where both the sub-contract and the registered principal contract contained arbitration clauses, but the clauses were not the same, the New York courts of Pearl Street Development Corp. v. Conduit-Foundation Corp. decided that “the courts or arbitrators must decide which clause the parties intend to control.” The subcontractor is responsible for paying its own property and federal taxes. But not all terms of the contract are equal, and even a valid “reference incorporation” does not automatically make the subcontractor bound to all the terms of the main contract. If, for example.B. are included in a subcontract only the terms of the main contract without otherwise mentioning parts of the main contract, only the provisions of the main contract, which deal specifically with the scope, quality or nature of the subcontractor`s performance of the work, are included and are mandatory for the subcontractor. As a general contractor, there may be times when additional help is needed to do a job.

Whether you are a subcontractor or only hire one, a subcontract helps protect the interests of all parties by presenting expectations for the work so that your construction project is completed. The tenth article of this document (“X subcontractor”) will examine whether the subcontractor will authorize the subcontractor to hire others to carry out the ordering work described here. If so, mark the first box to be styled entitled “Right to Outsource.” If the licensee feels that this is not appropriate, check the box with the inscription “No right to subcontract.” If the subcontractor has the right to exercise rights under this agreement or in relation to the services provided to […] The heirs, executors, successors and agents then mark the first box to be contributed in the eleventh article (“XI. attribution”). If not, check the box above the term “shouldn`t.” The following article, “XII. Insurance,” will apply for the insurance status that the contractor requires from the subcontractor.

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