Each project will have some modification of this contractual structure according to its specific requirements: not all BOT projects require a guaranteed supply of inputs, so it may not be necessary to conclude an agreement on the supply of fuels and requirements. The payment flow can be made in whole or in part by public rates and not by a buyer. At least once in your life, you`ve heard the famous word “share and conquer.” But have you ever heard of the Build-Operate transfer? Yes, it is not quite a principle of state administration, but it is worth understanding to know how modern project funding works and what the benefits are. In this post, we`ll tell you what BOT is, in which sectors it`s popular and which companies use this model. In addition, we will examine some clear examples of these projects, model contracts and options to find a company with a talent pool, to hire fintech developers or a team of experts who know a specific technology stack. Let`s start at the beginning. Concessions, construction transfer projects (BOOs) and DBO (design-build-operate) projects are types of production-oriented public-private partnerships. BOT and BOD projects generally include major projects and construction work, as well as long-term operations for new construction (green meadow) or major renovation and expansion projects (brown surfaces). See below for definitions of different types of agreements, as well as the main characteristics and examples of each. This page also contains links to checklists, toolkits and information on sectoral PPPs.

The Bangkok Mass Transit Public (BTS) transit system, Bangkok`s high-speed train system, is an example of the BOT project. The project was implemented as part of a 30-year BOT concession agreement between the dealership and the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (City Government). A building-enterprise transfer contract (BUILD-Operate-Transfer, BOT) is a model for financing large projects, usually infrastructure projects developed through public-private partnerships. Many BOT port and road projects have been carried out in the region. The Nhava Sheva International Container Terminal (NSICT) is an interesting example of efficiency gains through a BOT project in the port sector.

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