DeadlineThe contract begins from the date of purchase of the vehicle and expires on the indicated expiry date or after reaching the value of the kilometre meter agreed by the parties. The purchaser of this vehicle, the description of which is shown above, understands and accepts that the vehicle be purchased, a used vehicle. The purchaser acknowledges that the purchase of this vehicle is in an AS IS state and that he was satisfied with the condition of the vehicle at the time of purchase, with the exception of the following service contract provided by this warranty. CoverageReparation of vehicles covered by the vehicle manufacturer`s initial warranty, with the exception of: A vehicle service contract is a written contract that protects consumers from certain scams when buying vehicles. This is a common document for the purchase of used vehicles. Like insurance, it protects consumers from costly repairs that can be done to the vehicle and that were not obvious when inspecting the vehicle prior to purchase. This PDF VÉHICULES SERVICE CONTRAT model is your quick and simple legal document that sets protection standards for motor vehicle buyers and sellers. It contains simple rights and obligations that you can easily change if you decide to add more. This proposal contains information on the restrictions and guarantees of the service. Just copy this PDF model into your JotForm account and use the model immediately! The Purhaser and the distributor agree that they understand the agreement and the content of this agreement. Disposal This agreement can be transferred after written notification to the insurer and verification at any accredited service facility with a payment of $100.00. The purchaser or buyers state that the vehicle has been personally checked or has been controlled by a professional mechanic. In the absence of control, it is also considered by the party to be a waiver of that control.

Coverage All working hours for repair and replacement of parts and parts repairs not included in the cover exclusion clause. General provisionsThe buyer and trader must confirm the satisfactory operating status of all covered items in order for this service contract to be an application.

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