The El Camino College joint agreements with California State University and the University of California are available at the INTER-institutional transfer site for stimulation of the ASSIST joint system. ASSIST is an online information system for student transfer that shows how credits for courses obtained at a California California Community College public college can be applied when transferred to a four-year California university. The transfer channels of the Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities (AICCU) with more than 600 students passing each year from Community Colleges and other four-year institutions, the LMU is the ideal place to continue your training. We offer a network of support services that will make your transition smooth, making your experience unforgettable and rewarding your investment personally and professionally. The LMU can grant up to 6 hours of semester (up to 8 hours for laboratory science) for graduate studies, for which a student scores 5 or higher. Not all senior exams will provide advanced credit. The following IB diagram shows the IB tests allowed for transmission. The “Previous Equivalences” database can be accessed to see how courses have been transmitted by schools without LMU transmission agreements in the past. Because they are not part of a transfer contract, they cannot necessarily be transferred as indicated. The LMU has transfer contracts with Walters State Community College.

The following links contain information about transfer equivalencies. Follow us @lmuadmission on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, connect with us on or check us out for more information. A course that does not appear on an agreement is not transferred to the LMU. The following schools/higher education institutions have agreements with the LMU on the portability of their courses. In general, courses can be transferred to the LMU in three ways: students enrolled in regionally accredited institutions can plan for their future at the LMU by following the information contained in the transfer contracts and respecting our requirements and transfer deadlines. Students or schools with questions should contact the Office of Transfer Admission and Enrollment Services at 310.338.5913 or Students who wish to transfer should know what courses have taken at El Camino College are accepted at the university/university. We have articulation agreements with private/independent colleges in California and printed consulting manuals in the advice service for people marked with an asterisk. Loyola Marymount University traces its history through Loyola University, which was founded in 1911 to succeed St. Vincent`s College founded in 1865, and Marymount College, founded in 1933 with its roots in the Marymount School, founded in 1923. Loyola Marymount, located on the cliffs overlooking Marina Del Rey and Playa Del Rey, is the parent school of Loyola Law School in downtown Los Angeles.

Loyola Marymount University Core Requirements before 2014 Associate of Science in Teaching to Elementary Education Pre-Clinical Laboratory Science to Medical Laboratory Science Azusa Pacific University General Education; APU and El Camino College Joint Course Success of a directed course assures the student and faculty that the student has taken the corresponding course, has received the necessary instruction and preparation, and that similar learning outcomes can be assured.

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