Seattle Central College is a community college that offers students two bachelor`s degrees and 32 assist degrees in more than 28 disciplines. The university is located in Seattle`s exciting Capitol Hill neighborhood and is the only community college in downtown, within walking distance or easily from the shops and urban life. With more than 2,000 international students from more than 80 countries, the university is the sixth largest international student program in the country. The Washington State Baccalaureates and Universities, listed below, subscribe to the Intercollege Relations Commissions (IKRC) guidelines for Direct Transfer Agreements (ATDs). Seattle Colleges offers both DTA degrees associated with the arts and associated with science, in accordance with ICRC guidelines. Associate Degrees DTAs are recognized as the most, if not all, general educational requirements for these institutions. Students who attend a DTA usually receive a junior booth upon admission. Students should have inquired with the transfer institution they plan to provide on additional information on general training, essential requirements and admission requirements. This list may change. Contact your advisor for up-to-date information and details about the transmission. Seattle Central has developed Direct Transfer Agreements (DTAs) with many four-year colleges and universities. DtAs guarantee that students who graduate with a diploma will receive 90 kronor for their 180-credit bachelor`s degree. You can sign up for TTSJ priority courses, even if you already have a university degree, but you won`t be able to get the AA-DTA diploma certificate, as you`ve probably already met the general educational requirements.

Once the TTSJ centre of gravity is complete, your CSC transcript shows that you have completed all requirements for the TTSJ. In addition, you may not need to take courses for which you have already met the requirements through your previous studies, even if you may choose to do so. Graduate students need to be aware that it can be more difficult to get financial assistance. “Dr. Lange`s vision and leadership for Seattle Central College, especially for color students, is an attractive attraction for the university,” Felton said. “Your progressive ideas and thoughts are also in line with Wilberforce`s renaissance, as we want to make room for entrepreneurship, social well-being and leadership – goals shared with Seattle Central College.” Edison began reconstituting himself as Seattle Community College in September 1966. North Seattle Community College and South Seattle Community College opened in 1970, after which Seattle Community College was renamed Seattle Central College. [5] Transferartikation does not guarantee admission to the school for four years. Please check with four-year universities for more information. Questions or help is addressed to the CSC Financial Aid Office – or 206.934.3844 According to Sheila Edwards Lange, President of Seattle Central, 40 per cent of Seattle Central students are interested in a 4-year stint at university, and many of their African-American students are interested in a move to HBCU (Historically Black College and University).

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