Send an email with a list of your articles and photos to so we can assess the status. Objects must be clean, free of cracks/tears/stains and a smoke-free fireplace. Once we have analyzed your articles, we will contact you to plan a filing deadline. Smaller items, usually suitable for your car, can be packed Monday to Friday without an appointment and transported to the store. NOT WEEK-END DROP OFFS, unless an appointment has been made in advance. These items will be marked with your unique user ID and processed later, allowing you to do more things…. No need to wait. ALL DROP OFFS go directly to our return area. We do not accept emissions through our front door. Please get to the back and ring the bell for help. It is the responsibility of shippers to track their inventory and know when day 60 has arrived.

We do not call them or send e-mail to inform you of items that have not been sold and are out of date. You have 5 days to recover your unsaleable item or dispose of it at the full discretion of ReDECOR. Use our CONSIGNOR LOG IN to track your inventory. Day 1 of your 60-day deposit period begins from the date the stock entered the system. We approach all programs with the utmost professionalism and compassion. Whether you have a few items or a complete field to sell, we have the know-how and skills to help. We take care of your items, as if they were still with you. ReDECOR is a consignment company in which customers can process items. We do our best to protect your belongings, but we are not responsible for damage or loss caused by: fire, theft, natural disasters or unforeseen circumstances. The shipper should provide insurance coverage for any fire, theft or damage. Talk to your landlord`s insurer if you have any questions about insurance coverage.

Once you decide to ship with Next Time Around, you will receive a shipping contract and we will set up with an account where you will receive 40% of the sale price. You will receive a username and password to log in to your account (via our website) where you can see a full list of your items, prices and a current account. Shipping items are displayed in the store for up to 80 days. Checks (over $20) are issued monthly on the 10th of the month following the month your item is sold. We accept antiques in good condition, but we are not an antiques store and we make no claim to know the market value of your piece. We rent our items based on what we think buyers will pay for. If you have antiques, it is best to leave them from an experienced trader. We do NOT accept items that we cannot sell for a minimum of $10.00. All items must be approved in advance before we accept them. One of our experienced collaborators will talk to you about what we think, what will sell, what will not, and discuss the sale price. There are many ways to get an evaluation of your articles.

Choose the one that suits you best: so once the love story is over, bring your article to Next Time Around, where you can enjoy your past. Then visit our showroom and have fun filling your home. Move over and fall in love again! If you need help bringing your items to us, we have partnered with a local move called Deluxe Moving storage. Your expenses are separated from ours. Feel free to contact owner Rick for an offer at 519-212-3023 or visit The Process – Hassle free, simple and comfortable: we advertise and stage your items in our designer showroom. Don`t wait for strangers to call or come to your home to pick up items (or don`t pick up items). We accept a wide selection of furniture and accessories, such as newer pieces, that you`ll find in expensive residential culture stores or timeless classics. We also accept designer handbags

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