This initiative builds on the experience gained and builds on Erasmus programmes in the EU and in higher education. Erasmus International Credit Mobility (ICM) supports international student exchanges between cooperating institutions. Students must be enrolled in a higher education institution and be enrolled in the university. Mobility is part of previous inter-institutional agreements between the CEU and partner universities. Students receive a scholarship that contributes to travel and living and studying expenses in another country. Students are selected for erasmus mobility, based on academic skills and the relevance of the curriculum proposed for their studies at the CEU. Participants in the Erasmus Mobility Programme continue to pay tuition fees at the CEU, but are exempt from attending the host university. If you have been selected as part of the 2020 call, you can download here the terms and conditions of your contract: The Erasmus programme allows you to follow part of your studies at a partner university (mainly) within the European Union or to do an internship at a foreign institution. The Erasmus programme covers all EU Member States, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Northern Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

Switzerland has created an alternative structure: it offers scholarships under the Swiss-European Mobility Programme. You can access archival documents on the Key Resources page, including grant agreements from the 2015 call. The multi-recipient grant agreement is only available in English in pdf format. Before you leave, you must complete one of these forms (depending on the grant) and have completed and signed it by your host institution. Read the instructions received in the closing email of your Erasmus application (see above). Download the grant agreement for single-recipients [pdf] – available only in English The applicant must be a student at the CEU during the application process and remain registered abroad throughout the study period. Students must return to the end of their studies and complete their studies at the CEU. All two-year-old students enrolled in the master`s and doctoral degrees, regardless of nationality, holding an accredited diploma in Hungary or participating in postgraduate specialisation programmes at the CEU, are entitled to an Erasmus Mobility Scholarship. Other high-level candidates receive funding from THE CEU`s own resources. Each grant agreement is established in accordance with the specific terms and conditions applicable to the action and the project. The amounts of the grants are, among other things, the others that are related to your destination country. There are also differences in scholarship amounts and internships.

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