“Extending all Glastir agreements until 2021 will ensure the safety of land managers and ensure the continued implementation of important environmental outcomes,” she said. In the first two years of the program, the evaluation process will be particularly weighted to support deliveries in the direction of better carbon management and water management. However, this does not necessarily mean that farms outside these priority carbon and water areas are not selected for TE, as a combination of other objectives could lead to farms outside these areas marking identical or even larger points. In addition, the assessment should be developed to reflect changing priorities, so that carbon and water management layers are the most efficient in the current selection window, so that selection could be weighted in the coming year, for example in favour of biodiversity or historical environmental layers. This means that the score and the likelihood that an agreement will be offered to a given company may change in the years to come. The first Glastir Advanced agreements will begin on January 1, 2013. All land managers who expressed interest in Glastir Advanced at FAS 2010 will be considered for the first year of the plan`s selection. A formal contract offer is conditional on the country already having a glass entry contract. The different target groups receive variable points that depend on the political priorities of the Welsh Government. A farm that cuts with more layers, especially priority levels, will reap a higher score. This is then adapted to take into account the size of the operation.

Farms with the highest scores are then visited by the Welsh Government by an Advanced Element contract manager. The contract manager will visit the company to determine which set of capital requirements and grants are best able to meet the objectives set for that company. This will form the basis of an offer of agreement to the land manager. A US$62.9 million lifeline will be handed over to Welsh farmers under an environmental management contract after the government announced it would extend the Glastir agreements until 2021. Downland More details on advanced areas and related recipes. Please note that this file is very large and may take some time to download completely. Colin Millichap, a cattle and sheep farmer from Carmarthenshire, welcomed the announcement of the renewal of his current contract and recalled the difficulties caused by the funding shortfall when Glastir`s predecessor, Tir Gofal, ended. When the funding was announced on Monday,10 December, Rural Affairs Minister Lesley Griffiths said he would support farmers facing the “considerable challenges” of Brexit.

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