All international applicants are informed by e-mail of the additional documents required for registration. The Admissions Centre collects copies of documents temporarily scanned for confirmation due to the COVID 19 pandemic and government health and safety protocols. Documents can be submitted by mail or via the Dropbox at the entrance to the DLS-DSB certification centre. From this date, we do not encourage the physical presence of candidates on the school premises. You can mail documentation of documents to the following data: For numbers 2 and 3, filing these documents before registration is mandatory. A candidate can submit the G.F.340 online application form via the following website/system: You can confirm your slot by emailing with the title “Confirmation Requirements” of the following requirements on or before July 17, 2020. Time slot booking is based on First-come, First-served. Failure to comply with the requirements below may mean the loss of your location. The Confirmation Commission of PhP5,000.00 is not refundable. When a candidate requests application data, if you want to edit and submit additional information about the G.F.340 online application system, Call the URL under, then click on the point “G.F.340 Online Application System” or, then select “Forms” -> “List of Government Forms” – > “Employment” -> “Job Search” – > “Job Application.” When the applicant decides to change/request/provide additional information about the MyGovHK account, his or her travel document or passport or passport number and email address in the MyGovHK account is forwarded to the G.F.340 online application system for the “Auto-Fill” feature. After receiving your documents and payment documents, we will email you the details of the online registration and pre-registration requirements.

When the applicant files an online application via the MyGovHK account, the applicant can forward all the personal data from the MyGovHK account to the G.F.340 online application system for the “Auto-Fill” function. However, some fields may not be automatically filled out properly due to different formats, types, language versions, etc. Applicants are advised to review each field and, if necessary, process them prior to filing the application online. Confirmation is the process of backing up a slot in the program. It includes filing documents and paying The non-refundable booking fee of Php 5,000, which will then be credited to the teaching. After confirmation, the applicant can make the notification. No confirmation, no registration. It is the policy of the mall that race, religion, sex, skin colour, ethnicity and national origin are not used as criteria in its commercial contractual practices. Every effort is made to ensure that all persons, regardless of race, religion, gender, colour, ethnicity and national origin, have equal access to contracts and other business opportunities with DLS CSB. The shopping centre will set up purchasing systems or methods to ensure equal opportunities in the allocation of businesses. 4. Proof of Confirmation Payment (Bank Deposit or Payment Proof) No full-time or part-time Lasallian employee may be a supplier of goods and services to all CSB DLS campuses.

Pay the confirmation fee online and scan the requirements. . (3) then select “Forms” -> “List of Government Forms” – > “Employment” – > “Jobsearch” > “Candidate for Government Jobs.”

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