Click below to see important documents such as the UTU Constitution, wage rates, the Railway Works Act and national railway agreements in .pdf format. You can also browse the national rail agreements by text by clicking on the search link. This website provides links to a variety of important documents, agreements and conditions of protection, as well as a link to a database of thousands of arbitration awards representing the various trades of SMART`s transport division. The 2017 National Railroad Agreement is available here. Over the years, a number of health conditions for staff affected by mergers, closures and other events have been agreed by the Regulated or Legislated Surface Transportation Board (now the Surface Transportation Board). Click below to see the conditions of the railway staff. Many of the items found here are in Adobe`s Portable Document (PDF) format. If you haven`t installed Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer, you can do so The Summary Index Price contains current precedents as well as previous decisions and allows you to search for the subject of the prize. If you find a price, you`ll find the full text in the download and print price database. Downloading these instructions may take some time depending on the Internet connection. However, after downloading, indexed instructions are recorded on your computer for a simple reference.

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